Artist Statement

I strive to invoke emotion in the viewer of my works as I capture the inner soul of my subjects through light and color. Faces are especially fascinating to me and often tell a story that I’m passionate to share on canvas. When you look at one of my paintings, I would like for it to portray a part of the person’s story and leave you intrigued.


Kalene grew up in the country in Arizona and then moved to British Columbia Canada in her early teens. Art has always played an essential part in her life, and she was encouraged from a young age to be creative. Kalene has regularly explored fine arts in many forms through her education at Ricks College in Idaho, workshops and years of self-education.

While she has worked with many mediums such as sculpture and watercolor, much of her work today is portraits in oil. Her love of travel began with a mission to Canada many years ago and is often the inspiration for her work. Her works are represented in a variety of private collections and galleries across the US, Canada, Greece, and Italy.